Updated 12/31/2021

Good afternoon, 

Happy New Year

Unfortunately, the number of Covid cases in Easton is exploding. There is no other way to describe it. There were 82 new cases in the week ending December 25. For perspective, at the height of the pandemic in 2020, it took several months to have our first 80 cases. From the 25th until today, that pace is still accelerating. I hesitate to say this, but the severity given this variant and the fact that so many are vaccinated does seem less. The ages of those testing positive are skewed lower as well. Vaccines clearly help and that is true for boosters as well. For the few who can and have not gotten vaccinated it is critical that you do, and for those who are vaccinated and have not received a booster, do that as well.  Please think carefully about your New Year’s Eve plans and take the precautions that we have always discussed.

In the meantime, the tests that the state had secured, and that we had hoped to distribute Thursday were not delivered to us. Both the number the town will get and when exactly they will be delivered is still unknown and we are monitoring this day by day. As you probably know it has become extremely difficult to get tested. At Bridgeport Hospital approximately 20% of the staff has tested positive, and are unable to work. You have also undoubtedly heard about how staffing shortages are affecting air travel and other industries. How we will function as a town is going to be a day by day decision through this surge. For Monday town hall will be open. Masks are required in all town buildings. We would appreciate it if you have business in town hall, that you call ahead for an appointment, to avoid congestion. 

One other issue which has come up is the food truck which has been operating at the corner of Routes 58 and 136. You will see that it is no longer there. The town did grant a food license to the owner as to any other food truck and is monitoring their compliance. Since it has been parked in that location it is a matter of the state limiting access to the state’s right of way. They are aware of the issue and will not allow the truck to stay in that location. Zoning and health have been in contact with the owner as well.

I believe that there will be a few difficult weeks in front of us, but I hope we are still looking at a better 2022. I wish you all a happy and a healthy New Year. We are lucky to live in our beautiful town and our future is bright. Please look after each other and be safe and be well.  


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