To the Editor:

Over the years I have taken many hikes in land managed by the ALT (Aspetuck Land Trust) and never thought twice about how important the ALT was to my hiking enjoyment. Last week was different. I took my grandson on a hike in the Paine Open Space aware that the town would be voting on whether to sell the South Park Avenue space to ALT. If anyone is questioning whether this sale is in the best interest of Easton, I would suggest that they take a walk in any of the ALT managed spaces.

The Paine Open Space has clear trail markers, the fallen trees have been moved off the trail and you can go on-line to the ALT web site and download a map of all the trails at Paine as well as their other managed spaces. It would be unreasonable to expect the Easton Parks Department to maintain the South Park Avenue space as well as ALT without an increase in personnel which would result in higher taxes.

Unfortunately, there is a very small but very vocal group of individuals who are opposing the sale. This same group opposes so many other initiatives to make Easton a better community. Some of them even used the Town Meeting to espouse false information regarding CRT being taught in our schools (which it isn’t and has never been). Please do not believe their false statements.

Rather, take a walk in the woods and be thankful that we have ALT.

Bob Natt


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