Easton EMT Stephen Brunetti receives 2022 Emergency Services Values Recognition Award.

Easton EMT Stephen Brunetti has been honored by St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport with an Emergency Services Values Recognition Award.

Brunetti has been recognized for going above and beyond this past winter. While on shift he received a call at  headquarters notifying him that a 90-year-old man who lives alone in the north end of town  desperately needed heating oil. The man’s driveway was iced over and an oil truck driver who was on the scene refused to deliver the oil fearing his truck would slide off the driveway and leak oil. 

Using multiple buckets of salt and sand and a snow shovel, Brunetti made the driveway safe for the truck driver to complete the delivery. It was a large driveway and it took Brunetti a significant amount of time to ensure that the 90-year-old Easton resident would be able to heat his home and keep warm during the upcoming winter months.

It should be noted that Brunetti takes giving back to the community seriously. He currently serves as a law enforcement officer nearby after having been a United States Marine for eight years.

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