Note from Easton Courier editors: As we continue to honor and mourn those who have died while serving in the United States armed forces – and in light of Easton’s Memorial Day tribute to those who served during the Vietnam War – the Courier is featuring two previously published articles, “Remembering Easton’s Lost Sons” and “Good Morning Vietnam,” from the impeccably researched series “Easton in the Service,” written by local historians and community contributors Bruce Nelson and Elizabeth Boyce. Click on the images or links below to read the articles. We also include links below to other articles in this important series.

More articles from Easton in the Service series:

Easton in the Service – A New Year, A New Series!:

Easton in the Service – Dr. Richard Quinton:

1917 – The Easton Doughboys of the First World War:

The Inseparable Tucker Twins – Served Together, Worked Together, Lived Together:

Pioneers of Liberty: Easton’s Soldiers in Connecticut’s 29th Colored Regiment:

Brothers in Arms – The Halzack Boys:

James & Frank Nagy – Easton Brothers Gone To War:\

The Laskay Boys – World War II:

When Opportunity Knocks:

Letters from Pete – Hugh Pedersen’s WWII Correspondence Home:

The Silver Fox – Hugh Pedersen’s Recollections of his Service during WWII:

In Country – An Easton Marine’s Account of His Tour of Duty in Vietnam:

Sacrifices & Obligations: Civilian Efforts During WWII:

It’s all in the family:

High School Students Prepare for War – 1943:

I’ll be home for Christmas:

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