The bright yellow sunflowers covering a field at Samuel Staples Elementary School are free for the taking.

Irving “Irv” Silverman with Silverman’s Farm planted 200 pounds of sunflower seeds in May – that’s 4 acres worth- to show solidarity for the Ukrainian people following the Russian invasion of the country early this year. The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower and a large part of the country’s econony as global exporter of sunflower oil.

Irv Silverman in a field of sunflowers he planted at Samuel Staples Elementary School.

“My feelings are for the Ukrainian people. I just wanted to show my support and empathy for what is happening to the citizens of the country,” said Silverman.

The vibrant flowers are free to anyone who wants one, two, or three. Silverman said people can take as many sunflowers as they want. There is only one requirement. People must bring their own clippers.

Silverman hopes that people walking among stalks of sunflowers will reflect on their beauty and remember the resiliance of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression.

Photos by Rick Falco

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