The Easton Courier invited candidates running for state office representing Easton to submit a bio and a platform statement. Democratic incumbent Anne Hughes is running against Republican challenger Alex Burns for Connecticut’s 135th House of Representatives district.

Candidate Bio

I am the second-term State Representative for the 135th District and serve as the Aging Committee Vice Chair and a member of the Labor and Public Employees and Human Services committees.

As a first-term lawmaker, I played a pivotal role in passing the Paid Family Leave Act and the on-time, balanced State Budget Act. Most of the bills I sponsor are in response to my constituents’ concerns. I am always accessible to my constituents and publish my personal cell number on all official communications. During the pandemic, I led a district task force to make and deliver PPE to frontline workers, hospitals, and teachers.

Designated as an Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and as a leader in the Bipartisan Women’s Caucus, the Animal Rights Caucus, and Co-Chair of the House Democratic Progressive Caucus for the second term, I continue to champion systemic, equitable, effective policy change to afford all of Connecticut communities access to quality public education, economic justice through fair taxation and access to healthcare regardless of zip code, economic status, gender, race or sexual identity.  I led efforts to pass the Take Back Our Grid Act to force more accountability from power companies and secured funds for local public libraries, expansion of the Aspetuck Land Trust and launch of hemp growing pilot programs for farmers in my district and beyond. I continue to champion public civic engagement of all ages, and to raise public expectations for accountability and transparency on all levels of government.

I live in Easton with my husband Tim and work as a Licensed Master Social Worker for Jewish Senior Services’ Institute on Aging and as Coordinator for the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention.

Candidate Statement

Most elections, candidates choose their platform. But in this moment, the times choose us. The towns of the 135th HD- Easton, Weston and Redding, have chosen me to represent you through these last four years as we’ve struggled together to navigate this changing landscape: of our democratic institutions being weakened and threatened, more frequent climate emergencies, an ongoing deadly pandemic, workforce shortages of healthcare workers, teachers, essential workers, firefighters, and rising inflation, layered upon the pervasive threat of gun violence haunting us. Yet Connecticut has risen to meet these challenges with urgent policy leadership to meet the moment.

I am honored to amplify your voices, from the streets, to the testimony hearing rooms of the Capitol, to Greiser’s, to Easton’s harvests, parades and town parties: I am honored to fight for our rights, our freedoms, our privacy, and especially our future. As your representative year-round, I will continue to keep in good communication with you, our towns’ leadership, and our state, agency, and federal partners about the resources, services, and policies we need to navigate the shifting winds of the economy, climate change, and our health.

Good governance, good policymaking is more than a slogan or a sign, it’s an art, an art of public engagement and collaboration across many sectors, administrations and communities. We know how critical state and local elections can be, and how our freedoms, rights and choices can be eroded or ended, if we do not stay vigilant, engaged and SHOW. UP. EVERY TIME: to make our voices count, at the ballot box, and in the spaces within our community. I humbly ask for your vote on November 8th to continue our work together as your State Representative of Easton, Weston and Redding in this pivotal moment, and whatever comes our way next! 

Humbly, Anne Hughes

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