Fans heading out to watch any of Joel Barlow’s High School’s sports games can skip the line at the gate and pre-purchase a ticket electronically through a system called GoFan.

The school rolled out the electronic ticketing system earlier this year for home games to make it easier for fans to purchase tickets instead of paying cash at the gate.

“It was started because the state and other schools are using the system. I wanted to make sure it was an option for our community,” said Joel Barlow’s Athletic Director Michael Santangeli. 

Santangeli said the new electronic ticketing system will also help to familiarize fans with purchasing tickets for teams that make it to the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) tournaments because all playoff game tickets are purchased electronically. 

As of now, about 10 percent of fans are using the electronic ticketing system. Santangeli hopes the number will increase significantly. 

Joel Barlow will always continue to offer the option to pay with cash for no additional fee, he said.

There is no cost difference between purchasing tickets electronically or at the gate. GoFan charges a one dollar fee to use its service but Joel Barlow doesn’t pass the fee onto fans, Santangeli said. 

To purchase tickets on GoFan, follow these steps to make sure the process will run as smoothly as possible:

1. Access GoFan by clicking the link “Electronic Event Ticketing — NEW for 2022-2023″ found on Barlow’s Athletic page. The page will then take you directly to Barlow’s GoFan athletic events page here:

2. Click on the game you’d like to attend, the number of tickets wanted, and purchase the tickets.

3. The e-ticket will be sent to your cellphone, which you will show at the gate for admission.

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