After a long absence due to the pandemic, the beloved tradition of the Hellen Keller Middle School pancake breakfast returned on Nov. 19. HKMS Assistant Principal Anne Mohr was delighted to be able to revive this memorable event for students and their families.

“For forty-five years, eighth graders have taken on every role in this event to pull off an amazing community meal. From flipping pancakes and brewing coffee to seating guests and serving meals, these students do it all,” she said. Mohr added, “Ask any HKMS 8th grader from the past and they will all recall their pancake breakfast as a joyous and inspiring event. We are beyond happy to see it return this year.”

Local families enjoyed a tasty pancake breakfast prepared and served by HKMS eighth graders.

The Easton community came out in huge numbers to support their middle-schoolers. Principal Steve Clapp noted, “As far as I can tell from old yearbooks, this event was first held in 1976 and every year since (until 2020 and 2021).”

The breakfast is run by the eighth-grade council at HKMS. All proceeds go towards funding events for the student’s final year there, such as trips, dances, and other fun activities. Assistant Principal Mohr added that planning the event provides a valuable opportunity for students, to “learn the value of teamwork and responsibility as they work together to help earn enough money for their end of year events.”

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