Easton’s major political parties will caucus over the next week to endorse their slate of candidates for town-wide officers in the Nov. 7 municipal election.

The Easton Republican Town Committee holds its caucus on Wednesday, July 19 at 7 p.m. at the Easton Senior Center. The caucus is open to registered Easton Republicans. You can read more about the Easton Republicans, their platform and slate at the Easton Republican Town Committee website

Easton Democrats  will hold their caucus on Monday, July 24 at 8 p.m. at the Easton Public Library community room. The caucus is open to registered Easton Democrats. You can read more about the Easton Democrats, their candidates and how to get involved, at the Easton Democratic Town Committee website.

“Right now we have 5,413 registered voters: 1,617 Democrats, 1,496 Republicans, 2,216 Unaffiliated and 84 other parties,” Assistant Registrar Jim Bromer said.

“This year is a Municipal Election year. I believe the Secretary of the State also wishes we could get new voting tabulators for 2024, but it does not seem likely right now. It has to be a slow and careful process. There will be no early voting until 2024, which is a Presidential Election year. We will have four days of early voting for the Presidential Preference Primary in April of 2024,” Bromer said.

The largest block of Easton voters are Unaffiliated or registered with a party other than the Republicans or Democrats.

“An Unaffiliated voter can register with a party up until 5 p.m. on the last business day before a caucus to participate in the caucus,” Bromer said.

Easton’s Registrars of Voters are David M. Smith, Democrat, and Dori Wollen, Republican. They can be reached at Easton Town Hall, 225 Center Road, 203-268-6291.

2023 Municipal Election Calendar

Easton has a Board of Selectmen, Town Meeting and Board of Finance form of government. The Town of Easton website is www.eastonct.gov. The town committee caucuses take place in accordance with the 2023 Municipal Election Calendar as set by the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s office (SOTS).

Primary petitions for people who want to oppose the party-endorsed candidates for municipal offices will be available at the registrar of voters office the day after the caucuses.

All candidates register with the town clerk. Town committees file their disclosure statements with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Exploratory, candidate and political slate committees for municipal candidates file their disclosure statements with the town clerk.

Questions related to party endorsements and ballot access should be directed to the Secretary of the State’s Office, Legislation and Election Administration Division, at 860-509-6100, lead@ct.gov.

Polling for the Nov. 7 election and Sept. 12 primary, if a candidate or candidates for either or both parties petitions for one, will take place at Samuel Staples Elementary School, 515 Morehouse Road.

Samuel Staples Elementary School

Connecticut law allows voters to receive an absentee ballot if, in their judgment, an absence from their town on Election Day prevents them from appearing at their polling place, or they are prevented from appearing at their assigned polling place on Election Day because of sickness or physical disability, active service in the military, religious tenets forbid secular activity on the day of the election, or duties as an election official at a polling place other than your own during all of the hours of voting. 

To receive an absentee ballot, voters must complete and sign an application and return it to Deborah Szegedi, Easton Town Hall, 203-268-6291. Check the 2023 election calendar and the Town Clerk’s Office about availability,

Register to Vote

You can register to vote online, in person at the Registrar of Voters’ office at the Easton Town Hall or by mail. You can check your registration status by searching the State of Connecticut’s online voter registration database.

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