Editor’s note: Easton Republican Town Committee Chair Lou DiPietro submitted the following statement.

Putting Easton First isn’t just a slogan — it’s a way of life for the 18 candidates on the Republican slate for the 2023 Municipal Election, all of whom have pledged to exercise fiscal responsibility, uphold the utmost standards in education, fight for local control, and preserve Easton’s rural character.

Our slate brings operational and institutional knowledge to their roles, as opposed to several of their Democratic opponents. For example, their candidates for Treasurer and Town Clerk have zero experience in any Town Hall roles. Other candidates bring little to no experience on Easton’s boards or commissions. Furthermore, it is our hope that Easton voters use this year’s candidate profiles to fully educate themselves on the backgrounds of each Democratic candidate, especially relative novices running for local Town Hall roles. We believe our incumbents have proven, year after year, that they are the best qualified for the job.

Our 12 incumbents, who have proven their dedication and desire to serve their neighbors, include four currently in Town Hall: Selectman Kristi Sogofsky, Treasurer Christine Calvert, Town Clerk Debbie Szegedi, and Tax Collector Krista Kot. 

First Selectman candidate Wendy Bowditch spent seven years in Town Hall as Treasurer and, as a multiple-term chair of the Easton RTC, is plugged in at the local, regional, and state levels. Wendy has three decades of experience across numerous boards and commissions, including the Board of Finance, Senior Center Advisory Board, Insurance Commission, and currently the EMS Building Committee, and promises to be in Town Hall on a regular basis, so we don’t repeat taking the mistaken paths of the current administration. 

At every level, the knowledge over newcomers’ promise is one that can only be made by Republican candidates.  

Jeff Parker and Alicia Young (Easton Board of Education), Michael Kot (Board of Finance), Tom Dollard (Zoning Board of Appeals), John Miranda (Board of Assessment Appeals), and constables Anthony Farmer, Chris Peritore, and Darrin Silhavy have also served Easton diligently, some for multiple terms in their current or other roles, and Region 9 Board of Education candidate Adam Dunsby served on the Easton Board of Education before three terms as First Selectman and one as State Representative for the 135th District.

Our other candidates include: 

  • Board of Finance candidate Mark Mulvaney, who previously served on the Brookfield Board of Finance and was Vice Chair of their Inland Wetlands Commission.
  • Region 9 Board of Education candidate Darin Bershefsky, who has 30 years of experience as a BSN/RN, and has served as a pediatric nursing educator and health sciences teacher at the high school level.
  • Constable candidate Anthony Battaglia, a third-generation Easton resident who has been involved in town civics his whole life and is following in the footsteps of father, Vin, formerly a constable and currently a police commissioner.
  • Library Board of Trustees candidate Peter Dacey, also a third-generation Easton resident who has been a classroom instructor and tutor, and is on the board of his family business.

Together, our 18 diverse candidates have the experience, knowledge, and love of our town to succeed. 

Elect experience and action and a slate that is committed to Putting Easton First. Vote Republican on Nov. 7.

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