Many voters came to the polls with their cute kids in tow. — Mollie Lewis Photo

Gray skies didn’t dampen voters’ spirits as they turned out at the polls to cast their votes for fellow residents who will lead the town in the years ahead.

They may have been voting for different candidates from different parties, but they kept their spirits high as they greeted friends and neighbors, many with kids in tow.

By 4 p.m. today, over 40 percent of eligible Easton voters had cast their ballots at Samuel Staples Elementary School for candidates running for election.

A total of 2,421 votes had been cast by 6 p.m., or roughly 44% of of eligible voters, and there was a steady stream of arrivals, according to Dori Wollen. Republican registrar of voters.

A voter proudly displays her “I Voted Today” sticker after casting her vote. — Photo by Mollie Lewis

Easton has a total of 5,460 registered voters, of which 1,505  are Republicans, 1,632 Democrats, 2,235 Unaffiliated, and 81 Other, according to Wollen.

The polls remain open until 8 p.m.

See some Election Day highlights in our slideshow below.

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