Easton Welcomes New Residents

The Easton housing market has picked up tremendously in the last year and the trend shows no signs of stopping. According to a report by Brown Harris Stevens, in the first quarter of 2021, 33 houses closed in Easton — a 22.2% increase from last year. This hot housing market has also Continue reading “Easton Welcomes New Residents”

Easton Celebrates Juneteenth at Morehouse Park

Easton held its second Juneteenth celebration this year, hosted by the Easton Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (EDIT). This year’s event focused on teaching attendees about the history of the day and more broadly about the African diaspora. The African diaspora refers to the “mass Continue reading “Easton Celebrates Juneteenth at Morehouse Park”

Moving Back Home as Young Adults to Easton

If moving away for college is a time for discovering one’s identity and learning to live independently, then what is moving back home with parents after college all about?

For some young adults, returning home is a financially sound move, if not a necessary one. Even pre-pandemic, Continue reading “Moving Back Home as Young Adults to Easton”

Easton Celebrates Memorial Day


That was the word on the lips of those who came out for Easton’s annual Memorial Day parade this year. Everyone from observers to marchers to speakers commemorating the day made the observation. This year’s parade was a time to honor those who have sacrificed for our country Continue reading “Easton Celebrates Memorial Day”

A Small Town Welcome, COVID Style

For the first time in Easton history, the Board of Selectmen hosted a new resident’s meeting to welcome newcomers. Nearly 50 people called into the meeting to hear more about everything Easton. First Selectman Bindelglass began by explaining they decided to hold the meeting in response Continue reading “A Small Town Welcome, COVID Style”

Easton Responds to Calls for Anti-Racism

Easton, Redding and Region 9 Boards of Education Create Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committees, Barlow Alumni and Students Form Social Justice Clubs

Across the country, activists have sustained months of protesting, sparked by the death of George Floyd and fueled by what many Continue reading “Easton Responds to Calls for Anti-Racism”

Sport Hill Farm Celebrates 20 Years

When Al and Patti Popp planted some corn, tomatoes, and zucchini 20 years ago, they weren’t sure what would happen. Since then, they’ve grown as Sport Hill Farm, offering a wide variety of locally grown, seasonal produce. But they never lost that adventurous spirit that got them Continue reading “Sport Hill Farm Celebrates 20 Years”

Shaggy Coos Farm Under New Management

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s 2017 Census of Agriculture, of the 689 farmers in Fairfield County, only 72 are under the age of 35. This statistic exemplifies an overall trend: farmers are aging in America.

Brittany Conover, Shaggy Coos Farm’s new manager, Continue reading “Shaggy Coos Farm Under New Management”

Easton Raises Gay Pride Flag for First Time

For the first time in Easton’s history, the gay pride flag is flying above Town Hall. Fairfield resident John Brannelly Jr. donated the flag. He reached out to all six towns in the greater Bridgeport area, asking if each would raise the flag in June to celebrate pride month. All Continue reading “Easton Raises Gay Pride Flag for First Time”

Juneteenth Celebration Highlights Historic Importance of the Day

Easton celebrated Juneteenth with music, history lessons, and socially distant picnicking. The goal was to bring together the community to meet neighbors and learn about the history and traditions of Juneteenth. More details about the history of the day can be found in our announcement Continue reading “Juneteenth Celebration Highlights Historic Importance of the Day”