Column: My Grandfather’s Choice

In the early 1930’s, my grandmother was in labor, but something was wrong. A doctor came to my grandfather who was in the waiting room and asked, “Do you want to save the mother or the child?” Shocked by the question and terrified at the specter of losing his wife, my grandfather, Continue reading “Column: My Grandfather’s Choice”

Column: States’ Rights

Abraham Lincoln did not believe his Emancipation Proclamation would end slavery in the United States. In fact, that executive order only declared slaves free in the states in rebellion against the government of the United States. Slavery in border states, such as Kentucky, which Continue reading “Column: States’ Rights”

Column: The Tragedy of the Postborn

The shock and horror of another school shooting is still fresh in our minds as we wait for our government to do something to protect other children from being murdered by another gunman. With mass shootings occurring more than once a week this year, it takes the slaughter of 19 elementary Continue reading “Column: The Tragedy of the Postborn”

Column: 1950s Reboot

 Sex, consensual or involuntary, may lead to pregnancy. In humans, the individual carrying the eggs that may be fertilized during sexual contact is the female. The male contribution is a microscopic packet of genes that account for less than half of the total complement of genetic Continue reading “Column: 1950s Reboot”

A Handmaiden’s Country

Kentucky is the latest state to effectively ban legal abortions. Although the bill’s sponsors claim that a pregnancy may be terminated within 15 weeks of the fertilization of the egg that leads to the development of a fetus. The associated restrictions on who is eligible for the Continue reading “A Handmaiden’s Country”

Column: Soul Search

Father Robert Drinan addressed my medical school class several months before the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade.  He was a soft-spoken, modestly dressed Jesuit priest, who was invited to discuss with us and a patient, whom I shall call Mary, a distinctly spiritual dilemma.  Continue reading “Column: Soul Search”