Column: In Search of Good News

On or about Nov. 5 (depending upon which hemisphere they were floating over), the crew of the International Space Station reported that they had tacos made with freshly picked chili peppers. They grew the peppers on the space station from seeds. None of the crew had eaten a fresh Continue reading “Column: In Search of Good News”

Column: Wanted: Public Service Not Lip Service

Thomas “Tip” O’Neill was the Speaker of the House of Representatives when Ronald Reagan was President.  He was asked to characterize how the U.S. government functioned under President Reagan, and he allegedly responded, “We borrowed a trillion dollars and threw a party.” We may still Continue reading “Column: Wanted: Public Service Not Lip Service”

Column: Huddled Masses Yearning to Be Free

As tens of thousands of terrified men, women and children struggle to exit Afghanistan, America’s conspiracy theorists have gathered in their usual gutters to assign blame for the collapse of this country. Some have suggested that the return of the Taliban and the flight of educated Continue reading “Column: Huddled Masses Yearning to Be Free”

Column: Misgovernance Rules on Two Fronts

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, along with Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, has been outspoken in his efforts to ban commonsense efforts to stop the spread of the delta variant of Covid-19 virus. Last week he met with 600 of his fervent supporters at a venue described as standing Continue reading “Column: Misgovernance Rules on Two Fronts”