Column: Black and White

X-rays and other imaging studies used in medical investigations are generally black and white depictions of bone, blood, spinal fluid and other body materials. Dyes, magnetic chemicals and other such enhancing agents may be used to see fine details or specific activities, but the Continue reading “Column: Black and White”

Op-Ed: Healing, Learning and Trust: Working Toward an Inclusive Community

My sympathies and prayers are with the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and the countless unnamed lives that have been unnecessarily lost or affected due to racist actions based in ignorance, bias, fear and hate.

I cannot presume Continue reading “Op-Ed: Healing, Learning and Trust: Working Toward an Inclusive Community”

Op-Ed: Inside the Skin

An unmasked man called me a sheep this morning as I waited in line at Trader Joe’s. Believe me, I dished out some solid zingers later as I re-lived the conversation in my car on the way to my next errand. But, why would a short man with a mustache insult a masked gray-haired woman Continue reading “Op-Ed: Inside the Skin”