Keller Kids and Families ‘Walk to School’

Helen Keller Middle School students and families, including four-legged friends, participated in Walk to School Day on Oct. 6 with new Principal Dr. Steven Clapp. Police Chief Richard Doyle and other Easton Police Department officers showed up and supported safety on the walk.

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Letter: Hate Has No Home Here

To the Editor:

I received the most recent edition of the Easton Eye this week. It was not a welcome event. I read it cover to cover and wondered (with great sadness) how many of my neighbors share the racist views expressed in the mailer. Is it two people with too much time? Is Continue reading “Letter: Hate Has No Home Here”

Easton Authors Talk Shop over Coffee

Elise Broach and Alisha Gorder met up recently under the outdoor dining tent at the Easton Village Store to talk about writing and publishing, and to enjoy the late summer weather.

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Easton’s Alisha Gorder Publishes Debut Novel

Joy, a Modern Fable, by Alisha Gorder

While some people may have spent the early spring months of 2020 at home somewhat unproductively, Easton resident Alisha Gorder was not among them. She took advantage of the time to put the finishing touches on her recently published debut Continue reading “Easton’s Alisha Gorder Publishes Debut Novel”