To the Editor:

I received the most recent edition of the Easton Eye this week. It was not a welcome event. I read it cover to cover and wondered (with great sadness) how many of my neighbors share the racist views expressed in the mailer. Is it two people with too much time? Is it five? Is it 100?

Then, I got angry. I hope that those behind this fear-driven, unkind mailing are few in number. I hope that most of our town does not embrace these antiquated and hurtful views. I am writing this letter to go on the record as a person who doesn’t tolerate racism or exclusion of any sort.

I hope that these residents (who probably don’t realize how hurtful their mailer is) will take the time to read my letter and, perhaps, use my reaction as an opportunity to look inward at their own misguided views. Hate has no home here. I feel that remaining silent in the face of such a mean-spirited, fear-mongering mailing is not an option.

I feel I must call out what I am witnessing and forcefully condemn it. I humbly suggest those who penned the Easton Eye read the book White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. It is a good first step into understanding contemporary America.

Alisha Gorder


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