To the Editor:

Important Easton Issues, 5th Edition, landed yesterday in Easton mailboxes and the responses “yea” and “nay” are as expected. To those who have spoken up to support our concern about the destructive world view surrounding critical race theory and especially to those who made donations, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our goal remains to provide accurate information to Easton citizens, but it has taken on a new urgency as we work to overcome the censorship of conservative thought and the fear instilled by the cancel culture.

To our detractors, let us respond to some of what we have read.

• For bringing this information to light, we have been labeled on social media as a hate group, a shadowy hateful conspiracy group, an extremist group, a disgruntled fringe, ULTRA conservative (caps not mine), racist, Nazi and fascist. Name calling and labeling is what people do when they have no facts to offer. Please note that in our pamphlet we did not call names.

• For bringing this information to light, we have been called a danger to property values. According to William Raveis, Easton property values are currently up 30%. It would appear that the suggested drag on property values is a smokescreen designed to intimidate. We have been cautioned to think twice about whether or not we are exposing ourselves to a lawsuit. And there it is – the attempt to intimidate those who hold views different from your own.

• As for not publishing a membership list, CRG is a Political Action Committee. We are not required to publish a membership list nor even to keep one. We operate on donations from supporters. It is important to note that the laws governing PACs are there to give donors some protection from threats or acts of retribution from opponents.

• We have been accused of misleading donors and preying on people who want a printed newspaper. Every person who donated before reading the pamphlet was aware of the content and additional donations have come in since the pamphlet was delivered.

• Our fund raising has been called a “scam to enrich a few people.” No one makes a cent from this publication. No one is paid or reimbursed in any way for the hours and hours of work it takes to write, edit, fund, and mail a 16-page publication. We pay for printing and postage. If funds are short, the workers make up the difference. We will only have extra money if people visit our Go Fund Me page and decide to donate beyond the goal. If that happens, the money will go into the next flyer.

• One commenter said the pamphlet is “full of misinformation.” If that is the case, tell us what it is. If we agree we will correct said misinformation. If you read carefully, you will note that much of the key information was actually quoted from documents we find disturbing. If you have not looked at the 52-page suggested curriculum, we strongly suggest that you do.

• And finally, we have been accused of an “act of extreme cowardice” for not signing our names. Citizens for Responsible Government has been in Easton for over 30 years and most people know who we are. Check the bottom of this letter and the countless other letters that CRG has sent to the media and you will find my name and the name of our treasurer. Always there. Never a secret. Proud of what we do.

Sherry Harris
President, CRG
June Logie
Treasurer, CRG


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