To the Editor:

As an 11-year Easton resident, I want the customers of Greiser’s Coffee & Market and especially all of the newcomers to our town to know that I am disgusted and outraged by the ill-informed publication from the so-called “Citizens for Responsible Government” that was circulated through the USPS to mailboxes across town this week.

The president of that group, Sherry Harris, and its treasurer, June Logie, do not represent our community or our values. I, for one, am sick and tired of them dominating the conversation through public comments in our town meetings, our town newspaper, and now with their pathetic publication. They urged their readers to “get involved.” I urge anyone who disagrees with them to get involved. Show up, speak out, write to the Courier, join community groups, attend commission and board meetings, and assure all of our new neighbors that this publication is NOT who we are.

Adrienne Jane Burke


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