To the Editor:

As an Easton resident since 1970, I must agree with Adrienne Burke that Sherry Harris and June Logie “do not represent our community or our values.” The publication that was circulated through USPS to our mailboxes was pure propaganda from its cover, with a graphic insinuating that it came from our Town Hall, to the inflammatory graphics within.

As a retired educator, I believe it is vitally important for our children to understand all aspects of our history, from our mistreatment of Blacks, Native Americans, the Chinese, the Japanese, and various religions, as well as immigrants from all over the world: the Irish, the Poles, the Italians, the Vietnamese, etc. This does not mean teaching children to be ashamed of their personal heritage, but to help them to understand this melting pot and tapestry of a nation, that wrongs and inequalities can be righted through democracy and representative legislation. Most importantly, our children need to be educated in how to determine which online sources are legitimate and which might contain inherent biases.

Finally, I must say, that I am impressed with the young families and adults who have chosen to move to our community. They are positively involved in all aspects of our lives, from farming to business, to all sorts of services and volunteer work. They support our education system, our seniors, the arts, and our wonderful library.

Patricia Brennan


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