To the Editor:

I am saddened by the recent mailer designed to stoke fear by misrepresenting the DEI work happening in our town and schools. This pamphlet contained many blatant mistruths and misunderstandings about DEI.

At its core, DEI work is meant to create safe spaces for people from different backgrounds and who have had different experiences. DEI work is not political unless it’s politicized. It’s also not about alienating or silencing those with different opinions and/or lived experiences; it’s about honoring more and different voices as well as increasing empathy.

The misrepresentations and attacks on community members are wrong and are why we need DEI work. If we tolerate these lies and bullying then our silence will empower those who are trying to divide us. This pamphlet does not reflect the Easton I know and love, which is why I encourage our community to condemn it and support the town’s on-going efforts to make our community a welcome, inclusive, and safe space for everyone.

Devon Wible


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