To the editor:

Really this note is to our town and school leaders who are examining policies and taking action to make our community more inclusive and welcoming. Thank you! And please keep up your important work!

Just because a small group of people is noisy, they do not speak for me nor for the countless other Eastonites who are eager to see lasting change. To pretend that there are no “problems” in our town and that matters of race and inclusion don’t pertain here is, at best, oblivious, and at worst, willfully ignorant and dangerous.

Such claims also fail to consider that we, and our children, live in a broader world where these issues are critical. Every leader in our town and schools who is taking a stand today to foster diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism is to be commended. I know this work is not easy, will take time, and will face opposition, but it matters and will make a difference.

Cathy Alfandre
Easton Resident Since 1997

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