Easton Celebrates Juneteenth at Morehouse Park

Easton held its second Juneteenth celebration this year, hosted by the Easton Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (EDIT). This year’s event focused on teaching attendees about the history of the day and more broadly about the African diaspora. The African diaspora refers to the “mass Continue reading “Easton Celebrates Juneteenth at Morehouse Park”

Bindelglass Issues Coronavirus Statement to the Community

 March 3, 2020 

This morning we convened a meeting to discuss Easton’s planning for the potential of the coronavirus (COVID-19) being diagnosed in Connecticut. The meeting was led by Captain Doyle who is our Emergency Management Director, Chiefs of Fire, Police and EMS, school Continue reading “Bindelglass Issues Coronavirus Statement to the Community”

Easton Democrats Celebrate First Selectman at Inaugural Ball

Easton residents, friends, and community leaders gathered together to honor the historic win of David Bindelglass as the Town of Easton’s First Selectman, and to thank Bob Lessler for his twenty years of service as Selectman.  (L – R) Michelle Lapine Continue reading “Easton Democrats Celebrate First Selectman at Inaugural Ball”

Dunsby Presents Relic to Bindelglass in Symbolic Torch Passing

Outgoing First Selectman Adam Dunsby presented a relic of office, an ashtray, to his successor, Dr. David Bindelglass, on the morning of  Dunsby’s last day and Bindelglass’s first day in the first selectman’s office.

They gathered in the Town Hall conference room for breakfast with Continue reading “Dunsby Presents Relic to Bindelglass in Symbolic Torch Passing”

Bindelglass Begins Tenure as First Selectman

EC Swearing In Kristi SogofskyJPG
Town Clerk Christine Halloran shakes hands with Republican Kristi Sogofsky after swearing her into office as a selectman. — Janet Haller Photo

EC NWS Swearing in Lessler Town Clerk Continue reading “Bindelglass Begins Tenure as First Selectman”