Nothing Lasts Forever

One of the most difficult parts of the otherwise pleasant job of being an official town historian is being called upon to evaluate and offer recommendations on historic structures where the owner has requested a demolition permit. Age notwithstanding, some buildings are obviously Continue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever”

The DP Children – Innocent Casualties of War

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s “Immigrants in Easton” series.

It usually begins with a question. This week’s article was sparked by an inquiry on the Growing Up in Easton page on Facebook.

“My husband remembers a Ukrainian exchange student who attended Samuel Staples Continue reading “The DP Children – Innocent Casualties of War”

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Saturday looks like a washout for the clean-up at Union. If it’s wet Saturday morning, pour yourself an extra cup of coffee, read the latest in the Courier, drive over to the Firehouse Green, buy some plants from the wonderful ladies at the Easton Garden Club, and then rest up for Continue reading “Rain, Rain, Go Away!!”

Historic Union Cemetery Needs Your Help–Go Fund Me Campaign Underway and Community Cleanup May 7

Chances are, you’ve that heard ghosts haunt Union Cemetery, one of the town’s oldest burial grounds at the corner of Sport Hill Road and Stepney Road. Believed to be the most haunted cemetery in America, it is referenced in countless publications, websites and blogs that deal with Continue reading “Historic Union Cemetery Needs Your Help–Go Fund Me Campaign Underway and Community Cleanup May 7”

The Sad State of the Union

The essence of a true community burying ground, Union Cemetery at the corner of Sport Hill and Stepney Roads has seen better days. On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the people of Easton will have the opportunity to help begin to bring this historical cemetery back to its former glory by Continue reading “The Sad State of the Union”

Endangered Species

On April 7, 2022, one of the older and more importantly historical buildings on Main Street in the idyllic town of Bridgewater, Connecticut was demolished and removed in a matter of a few hours. Built in the middle of the 19th century, the structure had served as a school, the town Continue reading “Endangered Species”

Barlow – A student’s recollection of days long gone.

I was recently asked by a current senior at JBHS to give my impressions of Barlow’s early days. I guess my attending the school 62 years ago might qualify me for the task.

As I pondered what to write about our early days at good old JBHS, I decided to peruse the school’s latest Continue reading “Barlow – A student’s recollection of days long gone.”

The Name Game – Ellis Island

Most of my weeks begin with me searching for a theme for my next article that is both timely and historical in nature. In this case, it was Jane Paley’s interesting Courier piece about the Snow family in Easton that gave me my direction. It was the third paragraph of that article Continue reading “The Name Game – Ellis Island”

Proposed Ordinance Would Help Preserve Easton’s Historic Structures

For more than half a century, the Historical Society of Easton has been warning town officials that Easton’s historic homes and farm structures need to be protected from demolition.

“Prior members of our (historical society) board had approached the town about this but had consistently Continue reading “Proposed Ordinance Would Help Preserve Easton’s Historic Structures”

The Dairy Barn

When Easton and Redding were established as parishes of the town of Fairfield in the 1700’s, farming wasn’t so much a vocation as it was a way of life. Simply put, everyone was a farmer. It was the only way to survive. If you wanted to eat, you grew your own crops, raised your Continue reading “The Dairy Barn”