Snake Oil – It’s Good for what Ails You

Part one of a two-part series.

With the exception of most political advertisements, we’ve come to expect that the products we see promoted on television, online, and in newspapers and periodicals are safe to use as directed and will generally perform as represented. That hasn’t Continue reading “Snake Oil – It’s Good for what Ails You”

Between a Headstone & a Hard Place – Union Cemetery

Anyone who has passed by Easton’s Union Cemetery this summer has certainly noticed a difference in its appearance of late. Unlike the past few summers, the grounds are neatly mowed and the weeds and unkempt shrubs that formally obscured many of the headstones have been trimmed Continue reading “Between a Headstone & a Hard Place – Union Cemetery”

Homes that Live on even after They are Gone

One of the largest challenges preservationists face is taking the time and effort to carefully document old structures that may not last forever despite their current owner’s best intentions. There is never a guarantee that a historic structure will stand the test of time and remain Continue reading “Homes that Live on even after They are Gone”

School Daze

Memories are often hard to figure. Why is it that I can remember my first day of school and that first year at kindergarten, yet I can’t recall where I was or what I was doing last Thursday? Was kindergarten that traumatic? Or was I so impressed with the learning experience that Continue reading “School Daze”

The Adams Schoolhouse – In Session August 13th

After Easton and Weston were divided into two separate towns in 1845, Easton established thirteen separate school districts. Eight were served by schools built within the confines of Easton, four were served by schools in Fairfield and Weston, and one sat in an area that never became Continue reading “The Adams Schoolhouse – In Session August 13th”

Cat’s in the Cradle

When you are a young boy, it is usually difficult to spend some quality one-on-one time with just your father. Dads have always needed to work to keep food on the table and a roof over everyone’s head, but it was likely even more challenging during the 1950’s since almost none of Continue reading “Cat’s in the Cradle”

The Easton Police Department – 85 Years of History

The Historical Society of Easton presentsEd Knight & Oscar Svihra – The First 40 Years.

When we first published a post about the Easton Police Department celebrating its 85th anniversary this year, some folks asked me what means of law enforcement existed in Easton prior to Continue reading “The Easton Police Department – 85 Years of History”

What If?

A whimsical look at the return of a long deceased relative to modern day Easton.

Have you ever wondered what if your grandparents or great grandparents who once lived in Easton could come back and see what the town and the modern world looked like today? Well, I have.

My grandfather Continue reading “What If?”

The Women of Stormfield

Samuel Clemens was lured to Redding by his friend and biographer, Albert Bigelow Paine. Paine owned a home on Diamond Hill Road and a seventy-five-acre parcel just to the south and east of his was available for sale. Paine thought it would be an ideal place for Clemens to build a Continue reading “The Women of Stormfield”

JBHS Alumni Association Gives Back

It was June of 1966 when Joel Barlow High School was getting ready for its fifth commencement exercise in the school’s gymnasium. This would be the second of a total of only five years that the school would graduate students who had attended all of seven through twelfth grades at Continue reading “JBHS Alumni Association Gives Back”