Lakeview Orchards in Easton Preserved as Farmland

State and Town Partnership Protects Historic 37-acre Farm

Connecticut Farmland Trust (CFT) and Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) announced the preservation of Lakeview Orchards, a historic 37-acre farm in the town of Easton. The farm was preserved in collaboration Continue reading “Lakeview Orchards in Easton Preserved as Farmland”

Year in Review 2020: Pandemic Pivot

Easton’s small business owners demonstrated immeasurable cleverness in adjusting to the uncharted waters of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Organizations that serve Easton found creative ways to reach their audience and carry on the important work they do. Families and individuals Continue reading “Year in Review 2020: Pandemic Pivot”

Board of Selectmen Meeting of Oct. 15

The Board of Selectmen approved the minutes of our Oct. 1 meeting and approved a number of tax refunds as recommended by the tax collector.

Farmland Development Rights

The board was brought up to date on a project to purchase the development rights to the farmland owned by Joan Continue reading “Board of Selectmen Meeting of Oct. 15”

The Easton Animal Shelter — Rescue, Love and Care

The Easton Animal Shelter is small and tidy. It’s tucked away off Morehouse Road with a long, dirt driveway and is surrounded by dense forest, like much of Easton. The animal shelter is always busy. Even in a small town like Easton, many animals are given away or abandoned. Last Continue reading “The Easton Animal Shelter — Rescue, Love and Care”