The Easton Animal Shelter is small and tidy. It’s tucked away off Morehouse Road with a long, dirt driveway and is surrounded by dense forest, like much of Easton. The animal shelter is always busy. Even in a small town like Easton, many animals are given away or abandoned. Last year alone, the shelter staff adopted out 47 animals. That’s a lot.

The Easton Animal Shelter has been at its current location for nine years and has been adopting out animals for even longer. It is a no-kill shelter and affords animals available for adoption the opportunity to be rehabilitated, trained and socialized. This improves their chances of adapting successfully to a new home and owner.

Animal Control Officer Deborah Ice runs the shelter with two other assistant animal control officers. Ice takes care of the animals, runs the shelter’s social media, makes sure the animals are trained and socialized, and everything under the sun. 

Ice has been working as an animal control officer for 15 years and is very committed to the animals in her charge. The three animal control officers are responsible for domestic animals, not wildlife. But they make referrals to wildlife rescuers and state and local agencies as needed in response to wildlife calls. They primarily take care of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other house pets.

The most common animals they get at the shelter are cats and dogs. Currently, they have three cats, three dogs, and a rabbit who all need homes. 

The Easton Animal Shelter is located on 385 Morehouse Road. Going up the driveway, you will see a small, yellowish house. It has a charming red door and a fence reaching off to the side. Once inside the shelter, there is a cat room, a dog room and a vacant room for animals of other species. 

The cats get to relax on cat perches and towers that have been generously donated by Easton residents. The dogs, on the other hand, need to stay in their cages, but they do have a large side yard to play in. On top of that, all of the dogs have heated floors for the winter and air-conditioning for the summer. They are also walked and trained during their time at the animal shelter. 

Scooter is a six-year-old neutered male. He is currently available for adoption at the Easton animal shelter.

Volunteers take the dogs out on walks and play with them so they get the stimulation they need to be happy and healthy. Anthony Carafa, an area dog trainer, works with shelter pets on behavior, tricks and leash training. 

A lot of generous people donate food and supplies to the shelter, but there is always a need for more. Over time, many of the donations such as cats trees, dog leashes and blankets have become tattered and need to be replaced. This is something the shelter cannot afford. The majority of the donations happen near holidays, but the rest of the year is often slow. The animals will always have food, shelter and care, but donations of pet supplies and money significantly improves the lives of pets waiting to find a forever home.

The Easton Animal Shelter is a part of the Easton Police Department and is managed by the animal control officers. The shelter program is run under the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, which also includes aquaculture, agriculture, farms, farmland, animals and wildlife. The department runs a program to protect animals from abuse and another to help animals get adopted. 

A lot of love and effort is put into these animals, and all that’s left is for them to find a home. That last part is your job. Don’t hesitate to go check out the Easton Animal shelter. Who knows? Your best friend might be waiting for you!

Call 203-268-9172 to visit the shelter and meet pets available for adoption, if you would like to make a donation, or to volunteer to walk and socialize the animals.

Learn more about the Easton Animal Shelter here. Learn more about the Connecticut Department of Agriculture here

Venus is a one-year-old spayed brindle female bulldog pit mix. She is super friendly and loves people. She is a bundle of energy and can’t wait to get to a loving home.
The Easton Animal Shelter is at 385 Morehouse Road, Easton Conn.
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