Internet websites have provided me with a wealth of information concerning Richard Lechtenberg. Much of this information is wrong, which is useful for me in frustrating efforts to steal my identity. One site identified my mother as my wife. That struck me as truly mythical. I expected Continue reading “Truth”

What’s in a Flag?

The stars and stripes have evolved into so many different iterations and incarnations that one can find them everywhere and on everything. The first flag surge I can recall is post-September 11, 2001. Flags began to pop up on cars and trucks, highway overpasses and on almost every Continue reading “What’s in a Flag?”

Civility Wins the Day in Easton

To the Editor:

I spent almost 14 hours outside today at the polls and am genuinely impressed with the town of Easton.  Not only did the people vote in unprecedented numbers both by absentee and in-person; but they did it in a friendly, orderly and courteous manner. 

The professional Continue reading “Civility Wins the Day in Easton”

David Smith: Democratic Registrar of Voters

David Smith has served as Democratic Registrar of Voters for over six years, and has been pleased to serve all the people of Easton in that position. Smith feels that it is critically important to help maintain the democratic process impartially at every level of government, from Continue reading “David Smith: Democratic Registrar of Voters”

Dori Wollen: Republican Registrar of Voters

My late husband and I moved to Easton in 1976 and immediately embraced the beauty of this town. It did not take long for us to get involved in various town organizations like Citizens for Easton, the Exchange Club, Charter Committee, Board of Finance, to name a few.  

I continue Continue reading “Dori Wollen: Republican Registrar of Voters”

Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes

To the Editor:

Integrity. Compassion. Selfless. Determined. The leadership of Anne Hughes.

In these uncertain times, it’s her kindness: Anne Hughes personally delivers PPE to places in need. It’s her moral integrity. She speaks up on racial injustice and unites the community on a Continue reading “Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes”

Anne Hughes Candidate Statement: A Demand for Accountability

I’m determined to amplify an unmistakable, common thread that runs through the thousands of conversations, emails, texts, and phone calls I’ve had with constituents these past two years: It’s a demand for accountability.

This year we’ve faced the combined impact of the COVID pandemic Continue reading “Anne Hughes Candidate Statement: A Demand for Accountability”

John Shaban Candidate Statement: Tax Stability, Local Control and Easton First

As we emerge from quarantines and closures, we must again confront the chronic issues we still face: (i) our state’s fiscal infirmity; (ii) progressive legislators undermining local control of schools and land use; and (iii) the need for a robust voice in Hartford.


Continue reading “John Shaban Candidate Statement: Tax Stability, Local Control and Easton First”

Tony Hwang Candidate Statement: Experienced Leadership, Independent Thinking, Local Control

Our state was one of the first to be hit hard by the COVID-19 health crisis.  We were able to flatten the curve earlier than most, by taking the health dangers very seriously, by imposing drastic restrictions on social contact, indoor gatherings, and strict adherence to the Centers Continue reading “Tony Hwang Candidate Statement: Experienced Leadership, Independent Thinking, Local Control”

Michelle McCabe Candidate Statement: The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses

The CBIA and a dozen other organizations are calling for a $70 million state grant program to help small businesses struggling through the coronavirus pandemic. I fully support setting aside funds to assist our small businesses during the pandemic.  In fact, I would argue we need Continue reading “Michelle McCabe Candidate Statement: The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses”