Letter: Re-elect Anne Hughes for the 135th

To the Editor:

Ever since she was elected as our state rep in 2018, Anne Hughes has worked tirelessly on Easton’s behalf. She has been faithfully accessible, accountable, and responsive in ways other politicians can’t compete with.

Here’s just a sampling of critical legislative initiatives Anne has fought for:
– $600 million in tax cuts for CT working families
– Paying down BILLIONS in pension debt and filling CTs rainy day fund by billions, too.
– Phasing out income taxes on pensions and annuities

Beyond her strong fiscal responsibility and defense of CT working families, Anne is protecting our rights in a time of grave threats to our civil liberties. She proudly stands up for our right to vote — and the essential American right to live our lives free from government interference. At a time when so many freedoms we take for granted as Americans are under attack by extremists, Anne is working hard to preserve our individual liberties.

Anne takes a special interest in the well-being of our vulnerable seniors. She’s fought for safe staffing in nursing homes, to expand access to Adult Day programs, and as Vice Chair of the Aging Committee, she’s doing all she can to ensure CT seniors can age with dignity and proper care in their own homes.

We’re fortunate to have such a tireless champion in Hartford. Let’s keep Anne Hughes working for Easton.

Lise Fleuette