To the Editor:

The opportunity of this midterm election is to send messages to all candidates at local, state, and the national level:

1. To reinstate a border as 162 other UN member nations have.
2. To collectively say we support the police. We do not want to defund the police.
3. We want to produce energy, not kill the industry that finds it and provides it.
4. We support freedom of speech.
5. We believe education is about learning and debate, NOT indoctrination.
6. We believe in a meritocracy, not race based advantages.
7. We want an acknowledgement that inflation is roaring, taxing the middle class at a rate of 8.2 – 8.5% means that $100,000 income drops to $91,500 income then to $84,000 income then a job loss through recession and you are living frugally on savings.
8. We do NOT want a foreign policy which has driven neutral nations to Russia’s and China’s camp.
9. We do NOT want to make a short-lived deal with Iran that brings a nuclear attack on Israel.
10. We want our town, and everybody’s town or city to be able to retain the CHARACTER of their community.

We will be voting for local, state, and national candidates, primarily Republicans, who reflect these values.

David Bryant
Angela La Pick

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