To the Editor:

Easton voters have a clear choice in this election. Anne Hughes is an avid proponent of state control of our zoning, education, and local taxes. Alex Burns stands for us, the locals, making most of the decisions that affect us. He also stands for bringing jobs back to CT, advocates for a parental role in schools, and supporting the police. And he is pro-choice. He believes that people should be free to use the bathroom that they wish but thinks it is unfair for biological males to compete in women’s sports.

I believe that the decision to create an Easton, Weston, and Westport Health District did not work. It was supposed to save us money and create better service. It did neither. This poor regionalization effort was supported by Hughes and the Democrats and it left Easton as a minority party in the organization.

The result is Easton residents are waiting six to eight weeks to get septic inspections when it used to take a week. The all-in cost to Easton is higher. There is a lawsuit against the health district and talk of the need for larger health district offices at high cost to taxpayers. It made no sense to merge our rural town with much larger Westport, which has over 100 retail establishments and restaurants in need of health inspections. 

Hughes says Easton’s housing needs have changed and therefore our zoning should change to permit cluster and micro-cluster housingHave our housing needs really changed?

Do we want to give up the bucolic settings we love? Most people I know, including senior citizens, moved to our towns because they liked the woods and schools and it’s a good place to raise a family. Anne Hughes will change that. Alex Burns won’t, and that’s why he needs your vote.

Dana Benson

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