To the Editor:

Tim Gavin is the kind of state senator the 28th District needs. Clear-headed, thoughtful, and principled, Tim will listen to his constituents and serve with humility and purpose. From his time growing up in Connecticut as the son of two public school teachers, becoming an Eagle Scout along the way, and throughout his distinguished military service — Tim has consistently proven himself to be the kind of leader we so desperately need in these uncertain times.

Tim’s only agenda is finding the best, most fiscally responsible solutions to the complex problems we face in CT today. He is so committed to letting the best idea win – even if it’s not his own or his party’s – that the CT Independent Party has endorsed him.

To top it all off, Tim is a tech-savvy “digital native” who understands what it takes for CT to compete in an economy reshaped by technological advances, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Tim understands well that CT should be a leader in the continuously evolving tech industry, and he will work to make sure we are investing appropriately in cybersecurity, data science, and software development initiatives.

Tired of all the extremism, distraction tactics, loose grasp of the truth, and flip-flopping of that other party? Vote for a smart, level-headed, independent problem solver for the 28th district — Tim Gavin for Senate.

Lise Fleuette


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