Conversations with the Irrepressible Dolly Curtis

Pretty much anyone who knows Dolly, and most in Easton do, knows that there are no short stop-and-chats with her.  The conversations will be long and Dolly will do most of the talking. Sometimes a listener will wonder where she’s going when she embarks on a magical mystery tour of Continue reading “Conversations with the Irrepressible Dolly Curtis”

Socialized Distancing

As I stood more than six feet from two of my acquaintances, I listened to their complaints about vaccination scheduling.  One recalled hours on the telephone to arrange an appointment for an elderly relative.  The other described the futility of attempting to get scheduled on-line Continue reading “Socialized Distancing”

What Matters Most to Easton: Tony Hwang Responds

1. What do you believe is the single most important issue facing Easton voters and why? 

Connecticut was one of the first to be hit hard by the COVID-19 health crisis. We were able to flatten the curve earlier than most. All the measures to control Covid-19 health safety have been Continue reading “What Matters Most to Easton: Tony Hwang Responds”

Learning From History

The televangelist, Pat Robertson, called the AIDS epidemic, “God’s harvest of sinners.” The sinners he was referring to were not rapists, murderers, pedophiles or human traffickers. They were homosexual men. This reflected the common feeling in the United States that AIDS would somehow Continue reading “Learning From History”

Op-Ed: Patience, Caution and Flexibility Needed as Some Schools Reopen Next Week

As some school districts look to begin to reopen as early as next week, state Senator Tony Hwang, R-28th District, offers the following statement.

I am thankful for all the work completed by Connecticut State Department of Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona and his staff. There Continue reading “Op-Ed: Patience, Caution and Flexibility Needed as Some Schools Reopen Next Week”