The Twilight Zone

“The Twilight Zone” was originally a television series launched in 1959 by host Rod Serling. The stories were often pure or partly science fiction. Many reflected social challenges of the times. Some stories predicted where our current trajectories would take society if attitudes Continue reading “The Twilight Zone”

Don’t Inhale

The year 2020 may set a 100-year record for deaths from lung disease.  Several problems are converging and challenging the lungs of all Americans. Viruses and air pollution are the agents presenting the biggest threats to our lungs at present and in the immediate future. Neither Continue reading “Don’t Inhale”

The Politics of Masking

As many of us return to work and life in our Connecticut communities, we are continuing to face a new set of social expectations regarding health and safety as Covid-19 cases subside locally. Recommended measures still include social distancing and self quarantine if exposed, and Continue reading “The Politics of Masking”