Column: Another Tragic Collapse

In the 1960s there were so many causes to demonstrate for or against it was difficult to focus on any one.  The biggest issue was of course the war in Vietnam, but that was far away and had its most awful impact on the poor and minority communities. The truly wealthy could get a deferment Continue reading “Column: Another Tragic Collapse”

Gotta Love ’em!

It was election week. Corona, politics and corona politics left little else to think about. As palpable tensions of abounding unknowns saturated the nervous airwaves, concerns grew ever deeper. Something had to give; either there was to be a seismic shift toward reason and sensibility Continue reading “Gotta Love ’em!”

Obituary: Freda Fensky Dickinson, 96

Freda Fensky Dickinson

Freda Fensky Dickinson, daughter of Gustafson and Bertha Fensky, born on February 29, 1924, passed away on September 26, 2020. She lived in Easton, Connecticut most of her life until she moved to Port Saint Lucie, Florida to be near her daughter and son-in-law, Continue reading “Obituary: Freda Fensky Dickinson, 96”