Letter: Response to July 25 letter

To the Editors:

I am deeply distressed by the loss to our school and students of Dr. Rydell Harrison. That he was hounded, even persecuted, is apparent. The flurry of fliers and letters full of righteous indignation over DEI efforts are astounding given centuries of evidence.

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Column: A Celebration’s Postscript: Boston 1854 and 2021

What’s that sound. It had been a late night prior, and the heavy brocade curtains in our room at Boston’s Parker House effectively muffled the outside world. But as I shook off sleep, I thought I heard… drums?

Omigod! Drums! “Dave! Wake up! The parade’s starting!”

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Letter: Thanks to Bruce Nelson and Dr. Lechtenberg

To the Editors:

I am so grateful to The Courier for introducing me to Bruce Nelson and Richard Lechtenberg through their columns. Through his vintage pictures, stories, and historical accounts, Bruce offers a window into Easton’s past, as well as that of some of her people. His most Continue reading “Letter: Thanks to Bruce Nelson and Dr. Lechtenberg”

Memorial Day Message

Last year, The Courier’s Executive Editor, Nancy Doniger, articulated what was on the minds of many in town when she wrote, “I look forward to the day when Eastonites will once again line Center Road, cheering on the marchers and the Helen Keller Middle School Band, and listening Continue reading “Memorial Day Message”

Letter: Easton Histories

To the Editors:

My thanks to Bruce Nelson — and The Courier — for his columns on people, places, and events in Easton’s history. I was drawn in and fascinated by the piece on automobiles in Easton and was compelled to catch up on articles I’d missed: The history of Ida Tarbell’s home, Continue reading “Letter: Easton Histories”

Conversations with the Irrepressible Dolly Curtis

Pretty much anyone who knows Dolly, and most in Easton do, knows that there are no short stop-and-chats with her.  The conversations will be long and Dolly will do most of the talking. Sometimes a listener will wonder where she’s going when she embarks on a magical mystery tour of Continue reading “Conversations with the Irrepressible Dolly Curtis”

Letter: Dylan Wit’s piece on wildlife

To the Editors:

I am grateful to Dylan Wit and the Courier for the reminder of the vulnerability of Spring’s wildlife babies and what we can do to protect them. We are fortunate to live in an area so abundant in natural beauty.

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Letter: Disturbing Propaganda

To the Editor:

“Get Involved Easton” distributed a mailing which voiced concern over a petition and document submitted by over 500 Barlow graduates and efforts by the Board of Selectmen and Region 9 Board of Education to address “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

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Letter: Powerful Insights into Easton’s People and Past

To the Editor:

My thanks to Bruce Nelson and The Courier for the March 6 article “Brothers in Arms — The Halzack Boys.” The uncertainty, challenges and resolutions lived and faced in the past retain their power and resonance through Mr. Nelson’s empathetic reporting.

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Letter: Westport Weston Health District

To the Editors:

Having listened in on the Zoom call of March 4 regarding the possibility of Easton joining the Westport Weston Health District (WWHD), I feel such a move would be a tremendous benefit to our town. I am grateful to those who asked extensive questions as they contributed Continue reading “Letter: Westport Weston Health District”