Anne Fiyalka Marks 100 Years of a ‘Blessed Life’

Flew in Amelia Earhart’s Airplane, Always Puts Others Before Self

Anne Fiyalka has led a storied life. That’s not to say it’s been easy. Born on Feb. 15, 1921, she recalls a long life of overcoming adversity, large and small, and daring to embrace adventure whenever it came her Continue reading “Anne Fiyalka Marks 100 Years of a ‘Blessed Life’”

Recording Easton’s History One Interview At a Time

The late actress Bette Davis once dined at a Black Rock Turnpike home in Easton. Carol Mills has the autographed tablecloth to prove it.

Mills’ recollection of hosting the actress is part of the town’s Oral History Project, an effort to interview and preserve the town’s history Continue reading “Recording Easton’s History One Interview At a Time”

Year in Review 2020: Easton’s 175th Anniversary

Eastonites were determined to celebrate the town’s 175th anniversary with pride despite a deadly pandemic. An Easton 175th Committee was set up and partnered with various organizations to offer activities celebrating the town’s founding. 

Bob Lessler, a longtime selectman and Easton Continue reading “Year in Review 2020: Easton’s 175th Anniversary”

Resilience and Unity Mark Easton’s 175th Anniversary

The year 2020 will be memorable for many reasons. It will likely appear in history textbooks with a negative slant due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The town of Easton, however, was determined not to let anything dampen its spirits this year as it celebrated its 175th anniversary.

Continue reading “Resilience and Unity Mark Easton’s 175th Anniversary”

Oral History Project at the Easton Public Library

As part of Easton’s 175th Anniversary celebration, the Easton Public Library is hosting an Oral History Project. The purpose of the project is to preserve the town’s history as seen through the eyes of its residents and to celebrate the histories and accomplishments of those who Continue reading “Oral History Project at the Easton Public Library”

Easton 175th – New and Noteworthy

The Easton 175th team has been hard at work planning lots of fun and interesting activities for the upcoming months. Now that judging is underway for the Easton 175th Logo Contest, the focus is on the first planned event — a drive-in movie.

E.T. (The Extra Terrestrial) will Continue reading “Easton 175th – New and Noteworthy”

Library Resumes Curbside Pickup and Drop-Off May 20

On Wednesday, May 20, Easton Public Library will begin to offer curbside pickup for its residents. This service will be available Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm. Most Library staff members will continue to work from home, with a skeleton crew working in the building to fulfill Continue reading “Library Resumes Curbside Pickup and Drop-Off May 20”