Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Updated 5/28/21

Memorial Day

Good afternoon,

 I am happy to say that Val and Derek Buckley are home and recuperating.  Although they are making progress every day, thoughts and prayers are still in order.

On Monday, the Zoning Board of Appeals upheld a permit for a slaughter house on Continue reading “Message from First Selectman Bindelglass”

Letter: Home Rule for Planning and Zoning

To the Editor:

Thursday night April 29 at their regular meeting, the Easton Republican Town Committee unanimously endorsed the following resolution. This in response to the actions taking place in Hartford attempting to take Planning and Zoning out of the hands of our local government. Continue reading “Letter: Home Rule for Planning and Zoning”

Letter: Let the People Set the Path

To the Editor:

As the First Selectman of the town of Easton I had planned to explain my position regarding an advisory ballot question on funding Easton’s portion of the development of a multi-use path along Sport Hill Road. I still plan to do that in the future.  However, I feel Continue reading “Letter: Let the People Set the Path”

Home Rule In Land-Use Rests On State Statutes

Like every city and town in Connecticut, Easton sets rules and regulations for land-use with authority to do so under the state’s constitutionally reserved “police powers” to protect the health, safety and general welfare of its inhabitants.  Home rule in zoning is not an inherent Continue reading “Home Rule In Land-Use Rests On State Statutes”