Column: War Crimes

The U.S. and the Ukraine have much in common.  Both countries declared themselves independent of powerful nations that previously occupied and controlled them. They both faced military invasions as a consequence of their claims of independence. They both had numerous inhabitants that Continue reading “Column: War Crimes”

Column: Horror Unfolds in the Ukraine

Obviously our thoughts and prayers for the citizens of the Ukraine are not working. What is Plan B? There has been endless talk of economic sanctions, but Vladimir the Terrible saw these coming when he invaded the Crimea eight years ago.  He has had eight years to make Russia, or Continue reading “Column: Horror Unfolds in the Ukraine”

Column: Chernobyl Revisited

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant suffered a catastrophic failure. During an unscheduled and allegedly unauthorized safety drill, one of the nuclear reactors overheated and exploded. A fire in the containment building was extinguished with water, but this worsened Continue reading “Column: Chernobyl Revisited”