Column: Talk to Your Tween about ‘Devious Licks’

This fall, middle and high school students across the country have been filming themselves stealing soap dispensers and doing other damage in a TikTok challenge dubbed “Devious Licks.” Slang for theft, the goal is to steal or damage school property. 

The challenge started when Continue reading “Column: Talk to Your Tween about ‘Devious Licks’”

Social Distancing with Teens in the House

Alisha says:

We’ve been social distancing since last Wednesday. One thing is clear: My daughter hates us. She’s 15. It’s normal, but it still stings. She’s beautiful and smart and I love her, but she gives me the stink eye every time I smile at her. I’m almost about to give up Continue reading “Social Distancing with Teens in the House”