Aspetuck Land Trust announced plans to create a 40,000-acre Green Corridor to protect the last large undeveloped open spaces in the Fairfield County region before they are developed and gone forever and engage thousands of homeowners in taking care of their yards in more ecologically sustainable ways.

The Green Corridor will extend through Fairfield, Westport, Weston, Easton, Wilton, and Redding and includes lands that have been identified as having high conservation value, important to the ecological health and resiliency of our region.

Our vision is to create a healthier community by establishing a Green Corridor that connects and engages our communities and safeguards our land, wildlife, and water resources for future generations.

Mary Ellen Lemay, Landowner Engagement Director for Aspetuck Land Trust, said, “We want homeowners to see how their yards can serve as living stepping stones into a larger interconnected open space landscape if they take steps to increase the diversity of wildlife, birds, pollinators, and plants in their gardens.”

Through the Green Corridor Initiative, the land trust seeks to protect nearly 800 additional acres of open space that is at risk of development in our towns and inspire thousands of homeowners to take care of their yards in more ecologically friendly ways that create more biodiversity. Aspetuck Land Trust seeks to change the world by one conserved acre and one yard at a time.

For more information visit Aspetuck Land Trust.

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By David Brant

Executive Director