Dr. James Castonguay, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at SHU, led an informative presentation Jan. 10 at the Easton Library about the online Easton Courier 2.0, to be launched sometime in February. 

Professor Castonguay is leading the editorial team with Nancy Doniger as the managing editor. 

A lively conversation ensued between the editorial team and a full-house audience about the new Easton Courier 2.0, ranging from layout and content, to the overall impact the newspaper will have on the community. There was an abundant exchange of ideas and enthusiasm, to say the least. The audience was made up mostly of town officials, business owners and community leaders of various organizations. 

The newspaper will be community based and will take submissions from all Easton residents (subject to submission guidelines and review by the editorial team), offering a pluralistic, egalitarian voice and perspective. As Professor Castonguay noted, he would like the paper to be multiperspectival and to create a forum for solid community discourse. He also added that the advantage of an online publication, as opposed to print, is the cost-effectiveness and the ability to update news minute-by-minute. 

Before the new Easton Courier 2.0 officially launches, there will be a meeting and demonstration open to all Easton residents on February 29 at 10 a.m. at the Easton Community Center.

Easton Courier Editorial Group

Jim Castonguay, professor and director, School of Communications & Media Arts, SHU School of Communication, Media and the Arts, associate dean College of Arts & Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences.

Nancy Doniger, former Easton Courier editor and managing editor for Hersam Acorn Newspapers and Hometown Publications; former correspondent for the Connecticut section of the New York Times, adjunct Professor of news editing and media studies, SHU.

Richard Falco, president of Vision Project/Photographer/Filmmaker/Educator, presently the coordinator of Multimedia Journalism in the Masters-in-Communication Program at Sacred Heart University. For the past 30 years he has worked as a photographer, filmmaker and journalist.

Keith M. Zdrojowy, studio manager, Martire Broadcast Center, School of Communication, Media and the Arts, SHU.

Joanne Kabak, Adjunct Professor, School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA) journalist, business writer and editor; teaches news writing and media ethics; advises the student-run campus newspaper, the Spectrum.

Jane A. Paley, an Easton resident and contributor to the original Easton Courier, Paley has been a writer and independent documentary producer. She won an Emmy and a National Education Association Award for her “ABC Notebook” educational television series and wrote and produced programs for PBS, HBO and Lucasfilm, among others.

Joseph A. Alicastro, 30-year plus veteran producer of NBC News. Teaches History of Broadcasting, History of Journalism, and Multimedia News Production at Sacred Heart.

Gregory J. Golda, professor and multimedia production coordinator. Project-based courses engage students of all majors in the creation of media texts with multiple digital tools.

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