NOTE: For the latest Easton-related COVID-19 information, including updates, closings, and cancellations, see — volunteer staff

As many of you are aware, several cases of the virus have been diagnosed in Connecticut and these patients may have had contact with other neighboring town residents. I met with Captain Doyle this morning, March 11, 2020. 

Most of the recommendations for municipalities from the state and the governor (who is having weekly teleconferences, most recently on Monday, March 9), involve restricting “large gatherings of people.” In Easton, we have several meetings scheduled with the first selectman and public informational meetings as well as public hearings which we must notice.

The Annual Town Meeting is also tentatively scheduled for April 27. As of today, the current schedule of these meetings remains intact. The situation is evolving on a daily basis so we will update as needed. As an emergency management team, we meet weekly.

School Update:   Dr. McMorran is in constant contact with Captain Doyle and me as needed, as well as with other superintendents in the region. While several colleges in the area have modified their schedules, only a few public schools have acted to change their schedules with the exception of doing extra cleaning. We will continue to monitor and act accordingly. 

I would also take this opportunity to urge everyone to sign up at the Town website for “Town Alerts” and “Town News” at for continuing updates. Please urge everyone you know to sign up. We currently have about 500 individuals signed up which is not a very good level of participation. With respect to this and future town concerns, please utilize this invaluable resource to get the most up to date and accurate information.

The Office of the First Selectman and our Department of Health speak regularly. As in other towns, individual health questions should be directed to your primary care doctor. (Should I stay home? or Should I be tested? etc.) My office and the Health Department will continue to decide whether, and which town functions, i.e. meetings of boards and commissions, as well as other town functions will continue or be modified.  You should call your primary care doctor first if you think you are ill or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive.

Lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of all of us taking common sense measures to protect ourselves and our neighbors as outlined in my last communication. Personal hygiene is critical. Please avoid close contact with people who are ill. Testing is generally not indicated for people without symptoms unless they have had direct contact with a person who has tested positive. I will continue to update you all as this situation evolves. 

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