As seen  on Channel 12 News Thursday evening, when Easton Resident, Devon Wible, heard the news about the spread of the coronavirus, she ordered hand sanitizer online but received a box of rubbing alcohol instead.

Wible decided to make her own sanitizer, finding a recipe online recommended by medical professionals, made up of 60% rubbing alcohol and 40% aloe vera. She also added a drop of baby oil and lavender oil. Health officials stress it is important that the hand sanitizer contain at least 60% alcohol and is measured properly in order to provide protection.

Since running on the Democratic ticket for Board of Finance in Easton’s 2019 local election, Wible has not stopped caring about her town. “I think we should all be prepared just in case. I don’t think panic is ever a good solution, and for me, knowing that I have things in my house that I need just in case, makes me feel relieved, happy and prepared,” she said. She has made enough hand sanitizer for friends and neighbors in need and is planning to somehow get them to seniors when the center opens back up.

No hand sanitizer has proven to be 100% effective against the coronavirus, including homemade sanitizer, while washing hands with soap and water is the only proven defense. However, hand sanitizer is recommended in the absence of soap and water until you are able to wash your hands.

Devon and I have also made up a form on the Women of Easton Facebook site for those in town to fill out if they need help with shopping, other tasks, or even emotional support, or if they know someone else in need. The form matches the person in need with the amazing list of women in town also on the WOE site who have offered their services. It’s a time when we can all come together and help one another out.

Here’s the link to the Channel 12 Story:

Devon Wible, shown here with her son, ordered hand sanitizer online, but received a box of rubbing alcohol instead. So she made her own.

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