Local Artist Exhibits Paintings at Greiser’s

Gathering Was the Last for a While Due to Coronavirus

Although it seems like eons ago in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, Greiser’s Coffee & Market presented the work of Easton born-and-raised oil painter Darbylyn Dawid at a March 5 opening reception.

Friends, family members and patrons gathered at the popular local shop to admire the artwork, sip wine and soft drinks and munch on hors d’oeuvres.

An emerging fine artist, Dawid is a 2019 graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York, with a bachelor of arts degree in Illustration, and she is a graduate of Joel Barlow High School. Her current projects have been creating photorealistic pieces of maritime life. 

“Raised in Easton and now living in Brooklyn, I’ve never been too far from the shore,” Dawid said. “I’ve always taken an interest in aquatic life and this is reflected in my work. From fish to crabs, painting colorful, glistening animals has always been a pleasure. 

“My favorite part is adding that last bright white highlight. It really brings the painting to life. I hope to create many more paintings in the future, maybe branching out to mollusks but never straying too far away from the ocean,” she said.

Dawid’s work is on display and for sale at Greiser’s throughout March. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Greiser’s is now open for takeout service, curbside deliveries and grocery shopping only.

For curbside pickup or to purchase a painting, call 203-220-9424. 

To find out more about the artist, visit darbylyn.comdarbylyn@darbylyn.com.

Darbylyn Dawid, second from right, shows off her Lobster painting to her family members. They are her brother Colby Dawid, far left; her grandmother, Donna Dawid, and Debbie Dawid, far right. — Nancy Doniger Photo

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