3/23 Bindelglass Update: First Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Easton

The following message was posted on March 23 by First Selectman Bindelglass on the Town of Easton Website:

A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass… Update for 3/23/2020

POSTED ON: MARCH 23, 2020 – 11:41AM

Good morning,

Last night the Department of Public Health released, as it does each day, a list of the confirmed cases in Connecticut by town. The data confirmed that there is a laboratory confirmed case in Easton. The DPH does not provide any demographic data so we have no information about who was diagnosed. No name, age or location is disclosed and it also means that we do not know if the person is home quarantined or in hospital, or the level of their symptoms. Dr. Michos, Captain Doyle and I have discussed this as we do every morning. We are confident that we are doing everything as a town that we can do. We have adequate supplies and a fantastic, healthy and careful team of First Responders.

We have been discussing for some time how this was inevitable. I can say with some certainty that this is most likely not the only individual who has been infected with the virus in Easton.  We all have concerns but this is not a time for speculation or gossip. Our community continues to feel the stress of this pandemic. A number of resources are available.  Please see my post dated March 20, 2020 for resource websites and phone numbers. I am stressing again the importance of being careful, social distancing, hand washing, and doing all the things mentioned in my previous messages. Diligence in how we take care of ourselves and our Easton community will hopefully minimize the overall impact of the Coronavirus as it affects our town.

I had the opportunity like many of you to enjoy the nice weather and take a walk this weekend. I was so impressed by the number of people out, their demeanor and their respect for social distancing. It was heartwarming. Some of our kids had written messages to their neighbors in chalk at the end of their driveways which was really cool! In a strange way, I think people are adjusting to a new simplicity and realizing the benefits of slowing down the pace of life. It gives us a chance to spend time with our families and realize what is really important to us. We do however, have people in compromised health situations and seniors who live alone who really need to stay at home. If you know you have neighbors in those situations, please check with them that they are ok. Val Buckley our Senior Center Director and Alison Witherbee our Municipal Agent for the Aging are checking on these people as well and if we need further help from volunteers we will reach out.

Over the weekend, the Governor issued an Executive Order that allows the town to approve a budget without a Town Meeting. This will undoubtedly cause a fair amount of consternation. I feel there is absolutely no need for us to rush into this process. The deadline has already been extended for us to pass a budget.  I have had communications with some Board of Finance members who indicate that there are provisions for us to carry on without passing a budget, even past the deadline. I cannot foresee a situation where we would pass the budget without proper input from a Town Meeting. Ongoing discussions with the Board of Finance will occur this week prior to any decision being made.

Please continue to be safe, and keep up to date.

We will talk again soon.

Dave Bindelglass

This is a developing story. — Easton Courier editors.

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