Alternative Hed: Easton Nutritionist Looks to Improve Overall Health

Mike Grosso

My name is Mike Grosso and I have grown up and lived in Easton my whole life. I went from kindergarten at the original Samuel Staples Elementary School through Joel Barlow High School.

I have been a nutritionist and alternative healer for the past 43 years. I have been in private practice and have worked in many clinical environments and have helped thousands of people with all types of health conditions.

Through the studies of biology, human anatomy and nutrition I help support the body through various nutritional and other natural methods. I have worked as an educator to physicians throughout the Connecticut and New York area for one of the top professional supplement companies in the U.S.
I have also performed over 50 lectures on various health topics.

Using specific nutritional and natural therapies I help people with everything from allergies, digestive problems, fatigue, hormonal issues and also with more serious health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, auto immune conditions, Lyme disease and cancer.

I find the human body to be an amazing self healing and self regenerating organism given the proper environment. The problem we face today is we live in a very toxic world and are bombarded from every angle.

Everything from our food supply, chemicals and toxins in our environment, electric magnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers and Wi-Fi to all types of stress, there is just no escaping.

Overall we are a sicker nation today than we were 40 years ago. There are more cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and autoimmune conditions than there were 40 years ago. Add to that, we are a fatter nation today than we were back then.

And all this is amidst a so-called health and fitness craze we are currently in.

In my practice I help to eliminate all the confusion and support, educate and improve one’s overall health.d

I practice out of Physical Synergy located at 340 Post Road, Fairfield, CT with owner, chiropractor and longtime friend Mike Troknya. The center provides chiropractic care, exercise rehabilitation, massage, yoga and nutritional therapies.

I can be reached at 203-913-4652.

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