Easton resident June Chiaia-Logie is continuing her campaign to protect health care workers by asking people to make homemade masks, and locals are rising to the challenge.

More materials and volunteers are needed because “unfortunately surgical and N95 protective masks are still in short supply for the anticipated need,” Logie said.

Her enterprising solution is to use home-sewn masks over the surgical supplies that are currently in use. This renders them reusable and provides additional protection.

“We are making them as fast as we can and need more recruits,” Logie said. “We have made and distributed over 100 so far, but we still have a critical wish list:” 

Here is what is needed:

• People who will sew
• Donations of 100% cotton material, such as sheets, pillow cases, dish towels and tightly woven fabrics
• Volunteers to wash and cut the material into 17×8.5 rectangles
• Supplies of ¼” elastic, which is in short supply

“So adults and kids sitting at home feeling like you want to help, please consider this initiative,” Logie said. “Support our health care and front line workers.” 

Everyone can join Logie in offering heartfelt thanks to those who are donating personal protective equipment (PPEs) to health care workers and first responders: police and fire officials, and emergency medical personnel, through the state donation program. Read more about it here.

“To the people in this pipeline making these masks, I can tell you that the health care workers receiving them were almost crying they were so grateful,” Logie said. “Let’s keep this up. Many hands make light work.”

To lend your hands, contact June Logie at 203-583-0888. or Mwcalm@optonline.net.

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