A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Updated 5/6/22

Good afternoon,


The COVID numbers seem to be worsening fairly rapidly.  For the week ending April 30th, the rate is 47.5 per 100,000 with 34 new cases in Easton. That is certainly an understated number given the number of home tests. What seems to be happening Continue reading “A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass”

Easy Holiday Recipes That Delight Year Round

The convergence of the upcoming holidays offers a sense of joy and renewal to people of the two major faiths here in Easton. Christians and Jews observe their holidays in various ways. Some are deeply spiritual, some dutiful and others simply enjoy get togethers. Regardless, the Continue reading “Easy Holiday Recipes That Delight Year Round”

The Colorful History of Snow’s Farm

Easton’s agricultural heritage is a point of pride in town, but little has been written about Snow’s Farm’s unlikely origins and few know the long and patchworked Snow family history. Recently, several descendants, including Irv Snow, the farm’s fourth-generation proprietor, pieced Continue reading “The Colorful History of Snow’s Farm”

Easton Holds Peace Vigil for Ukraine

There was joy and sadness at the Vigil for Peace in Ukraine last night on the library lawn, where about 100 Easton residents gathered in solidarity. Despite the solemn occasion, friends and neighbors were happy to see one another and to support local aid efforts for Ukrainian refugees Continue reading “Easton Holds Peace Vigil for Ukraine”


There are Many Dog Stories in Easton. This Is Mine.

When I was a girl I saw a TV show featuring a talking Basset Hound named Cleo. The show, a sitcom circa 1958, aired on NBC. It was “The People’s Choice” starring Jackie Cooper. Cleo’s observations, wryly critical of her human Continue reading “Knuckles”

Column: A Response to Bruce Nelson’s “The Big Chill”

Reading Bruce Nelson’s deeply evocative column, I am sure those of us of a certain age were awash with nostalgia, especially those who grew up in a small town. Though my childhood was spent in New Jersey, I wonder if my memories of small-town life gently prodded me to spend my later Continue reading “Column: A Response to Bruce Nelson’s “The Big Chill””

New Officer Joins Easton Police Department

Easton Police Commission Chairman Richard Colangelo swore in a new officer, Luis Rodriguez, on Jan.10; he is the newest member of Easton’s Police Department and brings a significant skill set to the department and the town.

According to a department press release, Rodriguez, 22, Continue reading “New Officer Joins Easton Police Department”

Hundreds Turn Out for Covid Test Kits

It looked more like Black Friday at Best Buy. Cars were lined up before 5 p.m. today so residents could get two Covid test kits. Despite the frigid temperatures, the distribution process went smoothly for those who were lucky enough to get their kits before supplies ran out.

Hooray for New Years!

Covid notwithstanding, I’m giddy about New Year’s weekend. We’re not going anywhere, there’s ample food in the fridge and the weather will have no effect on our plans. It will be a New Years of contentment.

This wasn’t always the case. Even as a kid I disliked the holiday. I watched Continue reading “Hooray for New Years!”

Voices From Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday that relies on the comfort of family traditions. The menus, the dishware, the players and the roles they perform are frequently the same from year to year. Covid upended them for a while, but it feels like many of our holiday rituals will Continue reading “Voices From Thanksgivings Past”