Those of us with children in our lives are familiar with the phrase, “You need a time-out.” Though the technique is used primarily to give children a cooling off period following a rambunctious outburst or temper tantrum, a time-out is equally valuable to adults when the pressures of life feel excessive. Seems like the holidays which bring joy also bring stress.

The brook on Everett Road is an ideal place for a time-out when the immediate challenges in life feel overwhelming. Even if we just need simple enjoyment without any agenda at all, this particular spot provides it.

Normally, the brook gurgles pleasantly, but following a heavy rain or storm, it produces a surge of streamlets which rush together over rocks and through brush and ice. The effect is calming and satisfying. It’s another of the many natural gifts of living in Easton.

This week the brook was unusually active and for those who can’t visit in person, here’s a one-minute meditation on it to enjoy.

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