The Back Yard Beekeepers Association (BYBA) will hold its annual Bee School on four consecutive Mondays: Jan. 9, 16, 23, and 30, with a snow date of Feb. 6, 2023. 

A beekeeper checks the hives. — Tammi Worsham Photo

The live sessions will be held at the Norfield Grange, 12 Goodhill Road, Weston from 7 to 9 p.m. The cost will be $60 for instruction plus one year’s membership in BYBA. For those who are already members, the fee will be $30.

Bee School makes a sustainable and unique holiday gift. Each class session will be recorded and the recordings will be sent to all registrants within a few days after each class. 

Andy Hatt, who has kept bees for over 35 years, will lead the classes. He is a certified Master Beekeeper through Cornell University. Vice president of BYBA, Hatt is also involved with the Cornell University School of Agriculture and teaches the opening class to their Bee School undergraduates.

Bee School is a fine way to either get a solid introduction into beekeeping or to fill in some gaps in what you know already that will strengthen your skills. Topics covered: safety issues, type of equipment, evolving roles of the worker bee, honeybee pests and diseases and more. 

Beekeepers working together. — Nancy Moon Photo

The BYBA offers Bee School as the first step in supporting new beekeepers. The association has a goal to connect each “graduate” with a mentor, encourage participation in the club’s many workshops, and welcome new members into monthly “New Bee” zoom discussions. 

Join the monthly meetings which feature both regional and nationally known speakers on all aspects of beekeeping. Visit the website to learn more about Bee School. For more information, contact Paula Wolf at 

The mission of BYBA, Back Yard Beekeepers Association, is to provide membership with a forum for sharing knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping, and to educate and promote the benefits of beekeeping to the public. With over 300 members, the association, based in Connecticut, has grown to become one of the Nation’s largest regional clubs for beekeeping hobbyists. Some members are just getting started as beekeepers, and some have enjoyed this hobby for years. All share an interest in the wonderful and remarkable world of the honey bee.

Back Yard Beekeepers Association members support one another throughout the year. — Paula Wolf Photo

Photo at top by Paula Wolf

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